Java Web Services

Java Web Services

Java Web Services

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Java Web Services, Learn how to design,create , consume and secure SOAP and REST web services from scratch in easy steps.
Created by Bharath Thippireddy
What you'll learn
  • Understand why web services are so popular
  • Understand the different types of WS Design
  • Use Apache CXF the Popular WS Stack
  • Implement Contract First and Code First Web Services
  • Develop a Web Service Consumer
  • Secure Web Services using the WS-Security Standard
  • Implement SOAP Attachments
  • Master the REST web service concepts and Implementation
  • Create different types of REST Clients
  • Secure Rest Services
  • Handle Errors In REST
  • Develop Asynchronous Web Services
  • Jersey REST Quick Start
  • Spring MVC REST Quick Start
  • Learn all the important web services interview Questions and Answers
  • All in short simple and easy steps
  • Use REST Attachments
  • Requirements
  • Spring Tool Suite
  • Java Knowledge
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