Become A Full Stack Web Developer in 14 Days

Become A Full Stack Web Developer in 14 Days

Become A Full Stack Web Developer in 14 Days

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Become A Full Stack Web Developer in 14 Days, Learn all the skills that are needed by companies today, and land your next dream job.
Created by EDUmobile Academy

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What you'll learn
  • Understand industries most popular web technolgies
  • Create their own Web Apps/Scripting
  • Requirements
  • Some basic knowledge of programming is helpful but not required
  • You might have to install third part software to practice XAMPP or WAMP etc

This course covers all leading programming languages, starting with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and NodeJS. 

You are meant to watch 1 hour per day for 14 days. This is a commitment you must set aside before you start this course.

We will start with PHP where we will cover basic syntax, variables, loops and decision constructs. Then we will learn object oriented features along with string functions. After this we will move to arrays then after understand how REQUEST, GET, and POST works with server variables. Next will be how to connect to MySQL database.
Next section will cover MySQL starting with creating database and tables, then we will move to basic commands INSERT and SELECT along with WHERE clause. We will also practice how to sort data. Then understand how JOINs work on multiple tables. After this we will touch the section where see practice data manipulation using basic UPDATE and DELETE commands.
After MySQL we will start with JavaScript, where we will learn how to write JavaScript inside HTML tags. Then we will dive in to basic types with arithmetic examples. We will understand how string and boolean works. We will also understand how complex arrays work in JavaScript along with most useful functions. We will discuss how conditional statements work, then learn loops in JavaScript. Document Object Model will be covered in details along with simple practice exercises.
Then we will understand jQuery - JavaScript library works with easy to understand demos. This section will cover Selectors, Events, Effects and Animations and many more. We will learn how to change HTML content of a webpage using jQuery. With the discussion and demos we will cover AJAX with how to handle request, response and errors.
In Ruby section we will learn how to run Ruby interactively at the command prompt. Then understand variable, constant, variables, methods, classes and control structures. We will also cover attribute specifiers, then learn implementing inheritance and how method access in Ruby works.

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