Jumpstart with React Hooks

Jumpstart with React Hooks

Jumpstart with React Hooks

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Jumpstart with React Hooks, Understand everything about hooks by building application.
Created by Anto Aravinth

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What you'll learn
  • Understand basics of React Hooks
  • Explore in-built hooks with examples
  • Build a custom hook
  • Requirements
  • Basics of React is required

React announced about hooks recently. Hooks is going to be the future of React and understanding hooks will give developers lot of flexibility while developing their application. In this course, we will explore why hooks were created in first place. Then we will learn a lot about in built hooks with examples and real world use cases. All the lectures has a hands on example, which means less theory and more code to practice. In this process, we will also compare the solution which class based approach can provide.
We will be building a running application which uses all the native hooks.  In the end of the course, we will build a undo-redo application, with testing and deployment to the server! At the end of this course, students will grasp underlaying mechanism about hooks and can start building applications in no time.
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