Master Laravel for Beginners & Intermediate [2020 Update]

Master Laravel for Beginners & Intermediate [2020 Update]

Master Laravel PHP in 2019 for Beginners and Intermediate
Master Laravel PHP in 2019 for Beginners and Intermediate, Get from zero to proficiency in Laravel PHP Framework in one week! Course for beginners and intermediate students!
  • Created by Piotr Jura
  • English
  • English [Auto-generated]


What you'll learn
  • Master Eloquent, Controllers, Views and all the basics
  • Advanced features like Queues, Polymorphic relationships, Service Container
  • Learn all the theory while building a real application as you progress!
  • Setting up PHP with Apache on Windows and Mac
  • How to use Visual Studio Code effectively
  • Routes and Controllers
  • Laravel Tinker - command line playground to Laravel
  • Blade templates
  • Blade componenets
  • Creating Forms, CSRF tokens
  • One to One, One to Many, Many to Many relationships
  • Polymorphic relationships
  • Testing
  • Local and Global Eloquent Query Scopes
  • Database migrations
  • Database seeding and factories
  • Authentication (Guard)
  • Authorization (Policies and Gates)
  • Authorization
  • Caching
  • How to use queues
  • Files and file uploads
  • How to send e-mails
  • Observers, Events, Listeners and Subscribers
  • Localization
  • Services, Service Container, Contracts and Facades
  • Using Traits in Laravel - SoftDeletes and creating your own!
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