Learn React Building A News App from Scratch to Deployment

Learn React Building A News App from Scratch to Deployment

Learn React Building A News App from Scratch to Deployment
Learn React Building A News App from Scratch to Deployment, Learn and understand Core React Fundamentals ES6 and WE API. Build and deploy a Rock Solid News App along the way., Created by Ryan Dhungel


Get up and running while understanding core React fundamentals, along with new and exciting features of ES6 and solid API concepts in a very short time.

What other students have to say about this course?

Just from the first 20 min or so, I've already figured out 3 great ways to refactor my current ReactJS app I'm working on now. This is one of my favorite React courses. Very clear, step to step instruction on both the different parts of React, as well as ES6. And in a humorous way that makes it less boring - Steve Bailey

A great introduction to React! - Brett Hartman

Great course on React! A fun project and lots to learn. Lessons are short, fast-paced and covers the ES6 syntax. Great choice for someone who is familiar with JavaScript and has some experience with React. - Pierre Gadea

A course nicely done. The videos are like bites of information, 2-4 min each and that makes the content more tangible, easy to practice and learn. - Ibsen Gonzalez

This course is divided in 3 major section.

The first section gives you a solid understanding of React.

Topics included:

Zero configuration setup and google chrome extension for react
React components and JSX
Unidirectional data flow in react
Synthetic events and binding methods in react
Controlled components, composable components and reusable components
Functional stateless components
Managing states and props in react
Higher order functions
ES6 let, const, object keys and this keyword, destructuring, arrow functions, class constructors
Code refactoring using ES6
React bootstrap styling

The second section prepares you to use real data from the API in your app.

Topics included:

Lifecycle methods in react
Fetch real data from API
Server side search
Client side caching
Proptypes, refs, Import and export in react
ES6 template strings, spread operator, object assign, conditional rendering

The third section focuses on code organization, refactoring and advance concepts.

Topics included:

Higher order components
Lodash utility library
Advance sorting
Active links
Lifting state
React router
Deploy to github pages

React is one of those technology that redefines the present as we know.

React is changing the way we develop apps. Be a part of it. Come , join me in this unique course and take your skills to a whole new level.

Thank you.

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