Ultimate JavaScript Objects

Ultimate JavaScript Objects

Ultimate JavaScript Objects
Ultimate JavaScript Objects, The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Objects, where students will learn to create, copy, and master JavaScript Objects
  • Created by Daniel Stern
  • English
  • English


What you'll learn

  • Understand and explain the purpose of objects in JavaScript and in general
  • Create objects using several different kinds of notation
  • Iterate over object properties effectively
  • Copy and deep copy objects and understand the underlying consequences
  • Effective usage and formatting of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Install Lodash.js and implement it in practical situations
  • Create and implement ES6 Classes and methods
  • Understand and execute ES6 Class Inheritance
  • Use ES6 Symbols as a key in objects
  • Composite object methods into new classes
  • Understand the consequences and purpose of prototype
  • Freeze and seal objects to restrict future changes to them
  • Correctly differentiate between methods and properties
  • Intelligently choose object manipulation software to suit real business applications

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