Ultimate Preact Course

Ultimate Preact Course

Ultimate Preact Course
Ultimate Preact Course, Learn about the new Preactjs library! We will explore how to use it for software development. This similiar to React, NEW Created by Bryan Ellis, English, English [Auto-generated]


Are you looking to create business applications? Or are you trying to start your Saas company with no programming knowledge? Do you know reacts and want to learn a new library? Then this course is for you!

Do you want to capture your users eyes by displaying great content to them through css? Learn how in this course!

This course teaches you how to build business savvy applications that will make your users love using them! I have built numerous applications for companies and learned what it takes to build great ones and thrive in the software development community, if you follow along in this course you will have a great understanding of building awesome apps and the structure you need to maintain great apps and constantly improve them!

What you are going to learn in this AWESOME course!

- How Preactjs helps display amazing websites and fast

- How to display content from a firebase noSql database

- Basic authentication using firebase

- Styling using HTML and CSS and a few style libraries

- Deploying your application to the masses.. Yes through firebase hosting!

- And so much more..

My course is updated with new lectures almost weekly!

Should I take this course?

- You should if you are interested in getting a job in the software development field!

I am a software engineer with over 4 years of professional experience and I will show you how I took courses on udemy and in college and applied my knowledge to get into the field and thrive in it! Follow along in my course and you will gain a great deal of knowledge on exactly what you need to strive in this field and build great web applications!

If you're ready, take this course today! I look forward to seeing you in my lectures! Thanks again!

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