Complete 2-in-1 Python for Business and Finance Bootcamp

Complete 2-in-1 Python for Business and Finance Bootcamp

Complete 2-in-1 Python for Business and Finance Bootcamp
Free Coupon Discount - Complete 2-in-1 Python for Business and Finance Bootcamp, Data Science, Statistics, Hypothesis Tests, Regression, Simulations for Business & Finance: Python Coding AND Theory A-Z
Created by Alexander Hagmann
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What you'll learn
  • Learn Python coding from Zero in a Business, Finance & Data Science context (real Examples)
  • Learn Business & Finance (Time Value of Money, Capital Budgeting, Risk, Return & Correlation)
  • Learn Statistics (descriptive & inferential, Probability Distributions, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing)
  • Learn how to use the Bootstrapping method to perform hands-on statistical analyses and simulations
  • Learn Regression (Covariance & Correlation, Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, ANOVA)
  • Learn how to use all relevant and powerful Python Data Science Packages and Libraries
  • Learn how to use Numpy and Scipy for numerical, financial and scientific computing
  • Learn how to use Pandas to process Tabular (Financial) Data - cleaning, merging, manipulating
  • Learn how to use stats (scipy) for Statistics and Hypothesis Testing
  • Learn how to use statsmodels for Regression Analysis and ANOVA
  • Learn how to create meaningful Visualizations and Plots with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Learn how to create user-defined functions for Business & Finance applications
  • Learn how to solve and code real Projects in Business, Finance & Statistics
  • Learn how to unleash the full power of Python and Numpy with Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Understand and code Sharpe Ratio, Alpha, Beta, IRR, NPV, Yield-to-Maturity (YTM)
  • Learn how to code more advanced Finance concepts: Value-at-Risk, Portfolios and (Multi-) Factor Models
  • Understand the difference between the Normal Distribution and Student´s t-distributions: what to use when

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