Java Programming for School Students

Java Programming for School Students

Java Programming for School Students
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  • Created by Amit Wadhe
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What you'll learn
  • Generate interest in Software world
  • Understand importance of Programming
  • Understand Java Programming in Simple words
  • Learn and write object oriented programs using java
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Elementary Concepts of Ojects and Classes
  • Values and Data types
  • Operators and Expressions in Java
  • Classes and Methods or (Functions)
  • Input in Java (Scanner Class)
  • Mathematical Library Methods
  • Conditional Constructs in Java (Decision Making Statements)
  • Types of Loops (Iteration) in Java
  • How you can make your base strong with knowledge you have earned so far...
  • Requirements
  • Passion to Learn
  • No Prior knowledge about Programming is required
  • Should know computer basic operations like operating computer, searching on internet, watching movies, listening music etc.
  • Good to have Computer or Laptop

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