*NEW* Web Development Secrets 2020 - CRP, HTTP, AJAX & More

*NEW* Web Development Secrets 2020 - CRP, HTTP, AJAX & More

*NEW* Web Development Secrets 2020 - CRP, HTTP, AJAX & More
*NEW* Web Development Secrets 2020 - CRP, HTTP, AJAX & More, Become a Pro. Understand the process of fetching data from a server and displaying it. Novice to pro in easy steps.
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  • Created by Clyde Bowes
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What you'll learn
  • 120+ lectures and 7.5+ hours of well-structured content
  • *Download lectures (for offline viewing)
  • Understand the DOM, CSSOM, Render Tree and Layout
  • Master HTTP, HTTP/2 and AJAX
  • Learn how to optimize any website for speed by writing better code
  • Learn where to write your JavaScript for optimized performance (we take an advanced look at async, preload, defer, etc.)
  • Understand the Network Panel, Performance Panel and Audit Lighthouse functions within DevTools
  • Understand HTTP, TCP, Data Packets and a whole bunch more!
  • Real examples of how AJAX works (we use both the XMLHttpRequest object and the newer Fetch API)
  • Master the Critical Rendering Path
  • Understand what are Render Blocking Resources and how we solve this problem
  • Skills that will help you to apply for jobs like Web Developer, Front End Developer, Javascript Developer, and Full Stack Developer
  • From beginner to expert (advanced +)
  • Ongoing updates to keep you current
  • You will emerge an expert
  • Write JavaScript and understand what a Polyfill does
  • Write your own Polyfill
  • Introduction to HTTP/2 and how it improves the current HTTP/1.1 protocol
  • How to use a text editor that is completely free
  • Gives you depth of knowledge to boost your ability and confidence
  • All the techniques used by professional programmers
  • Support from me
  • Requirements
  • A strong desire to become a full stack web developer
  • Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be helpful, but not absolutely necessary
  • Desire to KNOW the full process of how your webpage works behind the scenes
  • Desire to KNOW how to use DevTools – Performance and Network Panels
  • A computer is required as you need to code alongside me to learn effectively

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