MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication

MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication

MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication
Coupon Free - MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication, Build Ultimate Authentication Boilerplate Project with MERN Stack from Scratch to Digital Ocean Cloud Servers
Created by Ryan Dhungel
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What you'll learn
  • Building Ultimate MERN (Mongo Express React Node) Stack Boilerplate Project
  • Building Production Ready Authentication System
  • Building Login Register System using Email Password
  • Implementing Social Login System with Google and Facebook
  • ACL - Access Control
  • MERN Stack Web Development
  • API Development with Node Js
  • Frontend Web Development with React
  • Create your own base project for all your future React Node FullStack Projects
  • Learn FullStack Deployment to Digital Ocean Cloud Servers including MongoDB Setup
  • Account Activation before saving user to database
  • Login with Google
  • Login with Facebook
  • Private Routing
  • Admin Routing
  • Page Layout with React
  • Working with LocalStorage
  • Working with Cookies
  • Working with JWT (json web token)
  • Role based redirects
  • Profile Update
  • Auth Middleware
  • Admin Middlewares
  • Protecting Routes
  • Handling JWT expiry
  • Error handling
  • Toast Notifications
  • Forgot Password
  • Reset Password
  • Pushing projects to Github
  • Pulling projects from Github to Digital Ocean
  • Digital Ocean Server Configuration
  • Deploying both backend/frontend to single Digital Ocean Droplet
  • Committing changes after pushing project to live servers
  • Adding a domain name
  • Cloudflare CDN and Free SSL
  • Force HTTP to HTTPS
  • Redirect all www to non-www
  • Updating Google and Facebook login redirect to production domain
  • Redirect Digital Ocean IP to actual domain name
  • Static Site / SEO
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