Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel

Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel

Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel
Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel, Become a PHP expert by learning Laravel from scratch while creating an eShop system with Laravel and PHP
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Learn Laravel, while creating a high-level application in the process. Bring to live all those ideas in your head after learning Laravel

Note: The main approach of the course is on that YOU learn Laravel, rather than just creating something specific with Laravel. Of course, at the end of the course you will have a high-level product (an eShop system), but remember, the purpose is for you to learn Laravel and apply it to any web project.

Dominate the world of web development! It doesn't matter if you like PHP or not, with Laravel you are going to love it. Laravel brought PHP back to life and with this course, you will see why.

Laravel is not just a PHP framework... Laravel is, in fact, one of the most popular frameworks for web development in general (not only PHP).

It's your chance to grow
Laravel is very popular and continues to grow more and more. Hundreds of offers are posted daily for skilled developers in Laravel, so by mastering Laravel, you'll have plenty of open alternatives.

Why choose me?
Because I am always there to assist and guide your learning on Laravel. I will answer all your questions and comments during the course. ALWAYS.

More than 17,000 students appreciate the effectiveness of the answers to all their questions and their more than 3,900 positive ratings demonstrate this.

Because I not only teach you Laravel but also how to solve real-world problems with Laravel.

What is so good about Laravel?
Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP and not only that, it is among the most popular frameworks for web development in general. With Laravel, you can develop highly complex PHP applications in a very short time. During the course, you will see the enormous facilities that Laravel offers when implementing all kinds of complex or simple applications. Of course, for the course, you will be able to use the latest version of Laravel.

Why an eShop?
Remember, the app itself doesn't matter much if you focus on the concepts more than the applications. However, an online store is a very interesting topic for everyone due to its different requirements, which will allow exploring the features of Laravel in detail.

At the end of the course, you will have mastery of the characteristics of Laravel and you will have the confidence to start any Laravel project at your own.

Join now to master PHP and web development with Laravel:

Use the essentials to take advantage of Laravel (PHP, composer, databases)

Learn the characteristics of Laravel while building a high-level project

Learn the essences of Laravel (routes, controllers, views, models and much more)

Master main features of Laravel (Artisan, Eloquent, Blade, Laravel Mix just by mentioning a few)

Know the details creating projects with Laravel (relationships, migrations, factories, actions...)

Master and apply advanced Laravel functionalities (dependency injection, resource controllers, scopes, accessors, etc.)

Master the main facilities that Laravel offers you (user authentication, middleware, access control)

Why take this course?
For years I have provided online courses on multiple web development topics. Among so many topics, a course entirely dedicated to Laravel and not only to specific applications with Laravel is absolutely required. Teaching, in the process, all the experiences acquired with own projects and those of the students throughout these years.

During all this time I have published multiple courses on different types of projects with Laravel and it was time to translate all that knowledge into a course that teaches the essence and general characteristics of Laravel.

The goal?
Explore the different and multiple features of Laravel to learn them while creating an eShop (a high-level application).

You will want to complete this course from start to finish, because with each functionality implemented for the eShop, you will progressively learn and go deep into the features of Laravel, from the essential to the advanced ones.

Is this course for you?
This course is probably for anyone (experienced or not). This course is for you if you meet at least one of these conditions:

You are a beginner or you want to start with the use and creation of web applications with PHP

You have experience with PHP and want to go to the next level using the most popular framework, Laravel

You want to start building your web applications from scratch using Laravel

You want to develop web projects in an agile and simple way thanks to Laravel and its features

You have experience in web development and want to specialize in using Laravel

The benefits you will get

The confidence create any web project with PHP and Laravel

The security of knowing how to build applications with Laravel in the correct way

Professional growth and huge job opportunities due to the growing popularity of Laravel

Build any Laravel project using the agile tools learned in the course

Everything you can think of. There is simply no limit once you start in this world.

Having said all this ...
Don't wait any longer. The world is moving fast and all your ideas and projects are waiting to be implemented in an effective and agile way with Laravel.

Just press the button to enter the course right now.

Join everyone in this Laravel learning process and be part of one of the best web development communities

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