Introduction to Front-End Web Development with HTML5

Introduction to Front-End Web Development with HTML5

Introduction to Front-End Web Development with HTML5
Introduction to Front-End Web Development with HTML5, Jumpstart your career as a front end web developer
Created by Joy Alatta
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Digital technology has changed the way we work, play, and communicate. In today’s world, digital skills are required to work in many organizations. Even traditional workplaces have evolved to start using one form of technology or the other. One of the ways that organizations remain competitive is to communicate with clients and customers using digital channels.
There is a high demand for an improved online experience. Businesses are responding to changing expectations, engaging with their customers, and building relationships through a diverse range of channels. The channels include the use of email, social media, mobile apps, website contents, and website chats. Front end web development is not only for people who want to work in the technology sector.
Other professionals, including journalists, lawyers, and medical professions, may have the need to understand how the web works. Online marketers and digital analysts who must work with web data may have the need to understand web page structures and how it affects the user.
This course is designed to enable the user to understand layout aesthetics for web pages, the entire web development process, including design, development, and deployment.
You will learn to build REAL world creative and modern web pages from scratch using modern web technologies. The built-in case studies crafted from real-life work environments to equip you with the necessary skill.

What this course covers
1. Create static HTML pages
2. Create complex HTML form.
3. Learn the tricks of becoming a developer.
4. Understand the front-end workflow, programming principles, and test-driven development practices.
5. Understand the importance of setting a web development environment.
6. Structure web pages using HTML5 elements.
7. Include audio, images, and video to a web page.
8. Use HTML5 lists to call attention to web content.
9. Interconnect web resources with hyperlinks.

 Target audience
 Web Designers
 Aspiring Developers.
 Entrepreneurs and hobbyists
Career changers
Beginners with no prior experience.
Anyone that wants to learn front-end web development.

Module 1: Introduction to Front End Web Development with HTML5
1.1 Why you need a front-end web development career
1.2 Structure of the course
1.3 How the internet changed society
1.4 How the internet changed communication
1.5 The web as a communication tool for the internet
1.6 Tools of front-end web development

Module 2: Setting Up Front-End Developer Environment.
2.1 What front end developers do at work
2.2 Web design vs web development
2.3 Front end vs backend
2.4 Text editors for coding

Module 3: The Development environment
3.1 Setting a development environment
3.2 What is a browser?
3.3 Importance of browser in web development
3.4 The browser as a development environment

Module 4: Introduction to HTML.
4.1 Basic HTML
4.2 Basic HTML web page
4.3 View web page in a browser
4.4 How to structure a HTML5 page - 1
4.5 How to structure a HTML5 page - 2
4.6 How to structure a HTML5 page - 3
4.7 Add image to a HTML5 web page
4.8 Add audio to a HTML5 web page
4.9 HTML5 Form
4.10 HTML5 Hyperlinks
4.11 Edit web page with google Chrome browser
4.12 HTML5 Lists
4.13 HTML Table
4.14 Impact of web page structure on usability
4.15 HTML5 Resources

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