The Complete Web Development Course 2020 | CMS Project

The Complete Web Development Course 2020 | CMS Project

The Complete Web Development Course 2020 | CMS Project
The Complete Web Development Course 2020 | CMS Project, Become a Web developer | Master complete Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap4, PHP & MySQL!
Created by Tanzeel Ur Rehman
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You are here because you want to Become a cash Earning Web Developer?
This Complete Web Developer Course was created for you!
The Complete Web development course will take you from an absolute beginner to a Full Stack Web Developer in just 6 Weeks.
There are tons of website development Courses out there but this course is the only complete course that will not only teach you the syntax (How to code a website) But you will also be explained, how the code is working in the back end. After Completing this web development Course, you will be able to build any type of website or a WEB APPLICATION. This Complete Web Development Course also includes a final Project, a Content Management System (Dynamic Website with admin panel) that will enhance your coding experience and you will be able to build any real-world web app or website.
I guarantee you that you won't find any of the web developer course that is as comprehensive, up to date, and better quality, than this Web Development Course. You will be guided in your journey to become an admired and respected Senior Website Developer one day.
Throughout the Course, We Cover Tons of tools Languages Including:
HTML5 (For building the skeleton of a Website)
CSS3 (For Designing the skeleton made with HTML)
JavaScript (For interacting with the user in a website)
Bootstrap4 (For Building Mobile Responsive websites)
jQuery (For doing some animations)
PHP (For performing operations on our server i.e file uploading, etc)
PhpMyAdmin (For storing our users' information in our database)
MySQL (For connecting databases to our Website)
WordPress (For building introductory Websites, beautifully)
If you complete an Approximate 1 hour of lecture every day, it is possible that you will complete this full course in 6 Weeks (Or choose your own pace - Whatever suits you).
How we will work on this Course?
First. you will build a basic HTML website on the default notepad program with the .html extension where you will learn some formatting HTML tags like headings, underlining, bold, etc.
Then you will be able to style that website using CSS where you would be able to align any div, span or any HTML tag anywhere you want including background colors, font size, borders, and much much more.
After that, You would be building different layouts like "layout with or without sidebar" using pure HTML AND CSS.
Then you will learn everything about JavaScript (not JAVA) where you will be building so many javascript programs like even odd calculator, vowel checker, etc. Conditions, loops, and arrays concept would be also be given in the JavaScript section along with its examples.
Once you are done with JavaScript, you will be using jQuery (a JavaScript Library) to build some JavaScript based modules like toggle box.
Then you will learn about bootstrap where you will be developing a mobile responsive website along with a mobile responsive toggle menu.
After you are done with all the FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPMENT, you will be then learning about PHP (on which Facebook is developed), where you would be doing much more like form data handling, file handling, etc.
Soon after you are done with PHP, you will be learning about databases. In this course, you will be learning a database called SQL. You will learn how to insert/delete/update a data using SQL queries.
Later that you will learn how to connect PHP and MySQL together and insert/delete/update data using PHP on our website.
Next, you will learn about advance PHP where you would be performing login/logout functionalities using PHP SESSIONS.
You will also learn how to securely pass your QUERY to the database so that no one passes malware (SQL Injections).
After that, you would be building a dynamic website project where you would be integrating blog functionality with the association of blog categories. That project would also be including a secured login and Logout system for the admin panel.
Once you are done with ALL THOSE CODING STUFF, You will learn WordPress. Where you would be building beautiful introductory websites.
This Course Also includes exercises and assignments that will pump you up every time even if you don't practice while watching lectures.
According to PayScale, the average full stack web developer salary is $74,958 per year. By the end of this Course, you will be able to work on any web project, do the Freelance, or start your own Web Development Company!

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