Modern Web Design & Development: Intro to PWAs in Angular 8

Modern Web Design & Development: Intro to PWAs in Angular 8

Modern Web Design & Development: Intro to PWAs in Angular 8
Modern Web Design & Development: Intro to PWAs in Angular 8  Suitable for All Levels - Learn Design Principles, Angular CLI, Firebase, Photo Editing, and More!
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Jacinto Wong
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This course is intended to enable anyone, even if you are starting out with no knowledge or experience, to finish the course with the ability to create progressive web apps, understand the basics of Angular, and learn best design practices along the way! You will complete your own unique version of the project that we will build and host for free with the Angular 8 CLI and Google Firebase.

My name is Jacinto Wong and I am currently working as a Senior Developer in Toronto, Canada. For me, only 4 months after starting my first online developer course, I landed my first developer job. I had an advantage, in that I’ve been doing layout and design work for magazines and newspapers for over 15 years. Check out more about me at the website jacinto.design

But I think what impressed my interviewers the most was the projects I had made through these online courses, which cost a fraction of the time and money that university, college, or even a coding boot camp would have cost. Ultimately, I understand how valuable a well-structured course with an impressive project can be for career success. I believe the course I have put together will be an excellent starting point on that journey and I am excited to share that.

Even the longest journeys begin with just a single step. I hope you will take your first steps towards becoming a developer with me!

By the end of this course, students will:
Be able to build responsive Progressive Web Apps using Angular and Firebase
Practice principles of design that will apply to print and web projects
Create their own unique portfolio website
Have a solid understanding of Visual Studio Code
Learn how to create project mock-ups with Photopea
Have the ability to use Chrome Developer Tools to test and audit websites

Contents and Overview
The course will start by setting up all the software. This will begin with installing Git For Windows to integrate with GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Node/NPM, Angular CLI, and Firebase Tools.

We will discuss the importance of the planning stage in building a website, as well as implementing best design practices. Then we will discuss what a Progressive Web App its long list of benefits, including being able to function offline.

Jumping into our main project, we will work through our project in sections. We will begin with the home page, which will feature a responsive video background.

Next, we will add our navigation as a shared component. Later on we will make a responsive version that will display in mobile devices.

We will then create an About section with a short bio and link to a resume. Next, our projects section will involve learning how to create mock-ups for other web projects using Photopea (an online free version of Photoshop).

We will wrap up the main page content by adding a contact section, as well as a small footer.

After this, I will discuss the importance of responsive design, going through how to alter a desktop website to look good on a smartphone in vertical and horizontal orientations. I will explain how this is done, using the Developer Tools in Chrome and then give students to opportunity to finish the rest on their own.

In the last section of the course, I will show how to make and implement icons for a PWA. Then we will look at Lighthouse Audits to optimize our project further. We will finish by building, optimizing, and hosting our web app online for free with Firebase.

Why Should You Learn This?
If you are starting the process of learning to become a web developer, or even if you are already working as a web developer, you will find value in this course. There is an emphasis on design principles throughout, and a unique workflow to efficiently create Progressive Web Apps that are much more functional than regular websites.

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