Vue.js: Full Stack App With Firebase, Vuex & Router [2020]

Vue.js: Full Stack App With Firebase, Vuex & Router [2020]

Vue.js: Full Stack App With Firebase, Vuex & Router [2020]
Vue.js: Full Stack App With Firebase, Vuex & Router [2020], Take your Javascript & Vue skills to the next level: learn Vuex state management, routing, authentication and Firebase!
  • Created by Chris Dixon
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Includes all of the latest Vue, Vuex, CLI, Vue Router + external libraries.

Now uses the latest Cloud Firestore from Firebase, along with up to date Vuexfire bindings.

Re-recorded in 1080p HD video with clear, distraction free sound

Use of modern code including ES6+, async/await and error handling

Improved project functionality

Deployment with Netlify

If you have a little experience of building websites using Javascript or frameworks such as Vue.js, this course is the next step in your learning journey! 

During this course, you will build a full stack project to push your skills even further and discover how to integrate state management, front end routing, databases, authentication and code splitting.


If you do not have any experience of Vue.js or a similar framework, I have a beginner friendly course also available:

Vue.js 2 Academy: Learn Vue Step by Step


You will build a pizza restaurant project from scratch which allows users to place an order from a menu section. These orders are then pushed to Firebase for persistent data storage. 

We also create a admin section, where authorised users can add or remove menu items and manage any orders placed. these orders are also pushed to Firebase.

All of our pages are managed by the Vue Router and you will learn all about creating routes, navigation methods, nav guards, binding routes and different router modes.

This project also uses Vuex for state management. This will give our app a single store for all of our state, this will be also kept in sync with Firebase so we always have easy, local access to all of our data.

So if you are looking for a course to teach you how to build a full, feature packed project from scratch, then enrol today!  

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