Learning Angular - Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack Site

Learning Angular - Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack Site

Learning Angular - Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack Site
Learning Angular - Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack Site, Build a Full Stack application with Angular and Spring Boot
Created by Naddire Benebela



With the fast paced nature of technology, developers can no longer become experts in aspects of development, but now must learn the entire process of development from design to actual deployment. This has introduced a new role for developers – Full Stack Developers.
What are Full Stack Developers?
Full Stack Developers are developers that design complete apps and websites. These developers work on all facets of development, from frontend, to backend, to database and even debugging and testing. In short, the developer must understand the app through and through. Frontend developers are more sought after because of their expertise of not in one but multiple technologies. They can handle all aspects of development, and it can result in a more seamlessly created product.
However, resources to become a Full Stack Developer are limited and only offer sections or just random technologies that you must learn and combine on your own. So, we introduced this course that compiles all technologies in perfect sync to help developers transition from a simple developer to become a Full Stack Developer.
Starting from frontend development, the learner will slowly progress to become to other aspects of development including backend, database, debugging, version control and other essential technologies that are helpful for a developer.
Our Full Stack Course breaks down the fundamentals of each technology that you would require to become a Full Stack Developer. The entire course is broken down into five separate segments: Frontend, Backend, Database, Other Essential Technologies and Debugging/Version Control. Each section includes multiple technologies to help you gain more experience as a developer.

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