Modern Web Development || Zero To Front End

Modern Web Development || Zero To Front End

Modern Web Development || Zero To Front End
Modern Web Development || Zero To Front End, Learn senior front end developer skills from HTML,CSS,JavaScript,React,Hooks,Context API,Testing CI and more
Created by Abd Alwahab
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Welcome to Modern Front-End Development || Zero To Mastery!
This is the only path that you need to start new job as front end developer .
in this course you will learn the technical skills that any senior Front end developer has and you will apply theme in action by getting a job .

Tools We Need:
00-Visual Studio Code
01-Web Browser (Chrome,Safari,Firefox)
02-Git Bash (Git command Line)
00- HTML5 && CSS3
02- Git && Github
03- Responsive Web Design
04- Web Accessibility
05- JavaScript && ES6
06- React (Context API and Hooks)
07- Testing With Jest and Enzyme
08- Job Interviews

-each one of these skills will take a lot of time to understand 100%
- learn HTML5 include HTML5 tags and Semantic HTML5
- learn CSS3 include building layouts with Flexbox, Grid, Position and style advance Website  
- learn Web Accessibility include support your website to more amount of users
- learn Git and Github include push your website live on the web
- learn Responsive Web Design include (Responsive Layouts - Responsive Images - Cross Browser Support )
- learn javascript include ( basics javascript - intermediate javascript - advanced javascript )
- learn React include ( create-react-app - component - state - Life Cycle - API Requests - CRUD - Context API - Hooks )
- learn Testing include test plain JavaScript Code and Testing React Applications

-other topics will be explained:
-we will start the course by teaching you basics of building websites then we will keep moving from the easy to the intermediate then to the advanced topics all with real world projects
-Through out this course you will understand how to think like a programmer
-we will show you what a poor developer looks like just to make you able to avoid that
-been able to use the most recent tools
-refactoring any code to be more readable

Hopefully Your are interested into learning FrontEnd Development !
if you are then let us get started .

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